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Our company has been in business since 1993.

Our first breeding operations in just a few aquariums gave us great joy and motivated us to do more work. The variety breeding offers is surely able to absorb each and every aquarist. It was this variety that made us long for expansion of our hatchery, so we moved to a family house which met our expectations, providing us with enough space for our aquariums and for the family. I also quit my job at this time and devoted myself fully to aquarism. In 2000, we started to export aquarium fish and small rodents to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. My wife also started working full time in the company. Exporting fish helped to further revitalise and benefit our work. Direct contact with the customer, exchanging experiences, gaining new knowledge – all of this provides us with satisfaction and motivates us to improve our work. But we are still struggling with a lack of aquariums. We gained more space through reconstruction of the house and in 2001, we started to import fish from all over the world. We still however prefer to breed Czech fish which are of a much higher quality. They were born under aquarium conditions and thus do not require any kind of acclimatisation. Our customers gape at the fish reared by Aquarium MiDa Schober in aquariums holding 48,000 – 56,000 litres of water (in winter – in summer) with “dropped jaws”:-)) Fish reared by us from the Aulonocara species already captivate people with their colour in many aquariums installed in restaurants, public and private premises in several countries. We try to provide our customers with the maximum and our reward for this is their satisfaction with our fish and other goods. You can find a lot of useful advice for successfully rearing fish on our website www.aquariummidaschober.cz.



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